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The Sam and Daniel Ficathon

It's a Science Thing...

The Sam/Daniel Ficathon

Sam and Daniel - Patience



August 17th, 2007

Title The Same Side
Author Princess Kit Cat (pr1nce55k1tcat)
Rating PG-13
Word count 1780
Spoilers The Otherside, Upgrades
Disclaimer Not mine, spraffed for a while. I'm still brassic.
Recipient seramercury
Prompt #1 Angst
Apology I honestly cannot apologise enough for posting this as late as I have.

The Same Side over at my other LJ :)

August 11th, 2007

Back-up fic for the sd_ficathon. I hope the fic is okay for you.

Title: Mismatched
Author: moonshayde
Recepient: seramercury
Season: Six
Category: Drama, Angst, A/A
Spoilers: Ascension, Meridian, Abyss
Pairing/Character: Sam/Daniel UST or friendship (read it any way you wish)
Summary: When Sam is trapped and injured off-world, she is rescued by an old friend. But she soon realizes this isn't the Daniel she once knew.
Warnings: Sam whumping
Rating: PG

Prompt: Daniel has to protect Sam when she's injured and they're cut off from the 'Gate, Teal'c and Jack.

Author's Notes: I'm sorry for some of the clichés. I hope I did it justice. Thanks to meg_tdj for the lightning beta. All mistakes are my own.

Disclaimer on my LJ


July 24th, 2007

Title: Sun, Sand, and Seduction
Author: lovellama
Rating: PG
Recipient: stargazercmc
Prompts: towel, sands, beer, hat
Word Count: 3,603
Summary: Sam throws down a gauntlet, but will Daniel pick it up?

A/N: Thanks to my Beta, cincoflex, any mistakes are hers. I mean mine. :D stargazercmc, I hope this fits what you were expecting.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This looks promising.Collapse )

Bad Liars

TITLE: Bad Liars
AUTHOR: chris4short
WRITTEN FOR: geneeste
PROMPTS: "You've gotta sharp mind but/ I'm a bad liar/It's hardly a new disclosure." (The New Amsterdams - Bad Liar) and "I just smile, once in a while/ Because I don't want the lines on my face/I sit right here, holding the years/And I count all the stars in space" (Brandi Carlile - Fall Apart Again)
SPOILERS: Unending
SUMMERY: Why is it so easy to lie about what is in their hearts?
A/N: Thanks to my fantastic friends and betas, Jess and Emma. Also big thanks to Jess who named my nameless story. Your right, again, it is perfect!

Am sorry it took a bit to post. Was done, but had to simmer until was perfected to be served. Best served with warm, gooey, walnut chocolate cookies. And milk. Mmmm.

It still was amazing to see how fast she worked.Collapse )

July 14th, 2007

Title: The Threads You Follow
Author: zorb
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Through "Threads."
Recipient: maevebran
Prompt: Sam and Daniel dealing with Daniel's second Ascension.
Summary: It's a rare weaver who works with a single thread.

( The Threads You Follow )

July 4th, 2007

Title: "Cold Water Burning"
Author: Rigel
Diclaimer: Not Mine (alas!) Don't sue
Rating: PG-13
Categories: Action/Adventure, Sam/Daniel Friendship, SG-1
Warnings: None
Wordcount: 2353
Thanks: To my super awesome betas sg_fignewton and naelany for their excellent comments and suggestions.
A/N: Written for aurora_novarum for the sd_ficathon
Prompt: "Need for speed" which I completely took and ran with, I hope Aurora doesn't mind.

Summary: "You have to keep moving, Sam."

"Cold Water Burning"

June 30th, 2007

TITLE: Beneath the Waves
AUTHOR: Rowan Darkstar - rowan_d
RECIPIENT: abyssinia4077
SPOILERS: None past Season 5 or so...
PROMPT: #2: One of them is losing their mind (forgetting things or seeing things or anything else that sounds good). I'd prefer friendship, but whatever works best for the story is fine with me.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: Rachel, I hope you like this. I can't believe it took me this long. Hope it is at least somewhat worth the wait.:) I know you said you'd prefer friendship, but you also said do what works best for the story, and the story insisted on some heavy UST, so there you are. Also, if you squint, there's some canonesque Sam/Jack UST buried in this fic as well, so I hope that's not a problem.

Huge thanks to my betas: celievamp, Teddy E, and amilyn. They ROCK.

"Beneath the Waves"
Rowan Darkstar
Copyright (c) 2007

"Another moment's lost again
Just sunk beneath the waves"
--'Love Pollution', Feeder

(Part One)

(Part Two)

June 2nd, 2007

Title: And Leaves the World to Darkness
Author: tarimanveri
Rating: PG for minor character death
Word Count: ~2500
Spoilers: General season 9 and season 10 pre-“Pegasus Project”
Recipient: Hasina Ghani (drgemini24)

And Leaves the World to DarknessCollapse )

May 28th, 2007

Our Lost Skies Reborn

By jennghis kahn

For: rigel_7 (the lucky girl who got two fics!)
Prompt: One of the canon AU's. (Luckily I picked a different AU then moonshayde did. I almost didn't. :P )

Pairing: Sam/Daniel
Rating; NC-17 (some het smut)
Category: AU, angst, apocafic, romance
Spoilers: Point of View

Summary: Our SG-1 saves the Point of View AU from Goa’uld invasion, but what happens after our team goes back through the Quantum Mirror? The AU Earth is a vast wasteland, destroyed by the invasion. Sam finds a familiar name on a list of survivors, and she goes to find him…

A/N- Thanks so much to shutthef_up for giving it a once over and commiserating with me while we both tried to finish our late fics. Eesh.
This was definitely written with rigel_7 in mind. I really hope she likes it. :)

Link to my journal
Title: Essence of Lilith
Author: Courser shutthef_up
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Season 7 just to be safe, but nothing specific
Recipient: hoshi_reed
Prompt: Oh, how I loved both prompts, but I chose #1, because it's one of my favorites: Love potion cliche. Sam or Daniel dosed and the pair locked up (subsequent aftermath required).
Length: ~10,000 words - I just couldn't do it justice in less.
A/N: First of all much love and kisses for my beta, surreallis. She pretty much held my hand through this fic. katcorvi helped immensely in the earlier stages, when I was sort of flailing around with so many directions I could go. This is probably one of my top 3 favorite fanfic cliches and I was delighted I could write it for hoshi_reed. I have a few more notes at the end. hoshi_reed, I hope you like this story. I did a few different things with it, so...

Click on the title to find the story on my LJ
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