The Sam and Daniel Ficathon

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The Sam/Daniel Ficathon
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"I knew I'd like you." - Sam Carter to Daniel Jackson in Children of the Gods.

Welcome to the first ever (that we know of) Sam/Daniel ficathon. This ficathon is for fans of the Sam and Daniel relationship, be it friendship or romance. Please look over the rules and schedule below and if it looks like fun, sign up.


  • All stories must be about the Sam/Daniel relationship. It's fine to reference other pairings (assuming the person you're writing for didn't specifically ask you not to), but the focus of the story must be on Sam and Daniel.
  • Stories and requests should not contain spoilers past "The Quest Pt. 1" for those in areas where the remainder of S10 has not yet begun to air.
  • Story must be a minimum of 1,000 words
  • If you are assigned a story that includes an element you don't like to write but you DID NOT include that element under "elements you won't write", you will still be responsible for the story.
  • If you cannot complete your story for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible so we can try to find a back-up writer to take your place. If you CAN complete your story, just slightly late, please let us know that, too. :)
  • We will do our best to match the fic requests with the author's strengths, but we can't promise it will all match up perfectly, particularly regarding the friendship/romance issue. We strongly encourage those who would be willing to receive either type of fic to request one type for each of your prompts. :)
  • Participants must join the community (not just be "watching" it) in order to be granted posting access for the posting of completed fics.
  • Participants ARE allowed to post their completed fics in their own LJs with a link here in the community, but if you choose to do this, please do NOT post your fic in your LJ before the official Fic Due Date.
  • Questions and comments can be sent to samdanielficathon@gmail.com.


  • Sign-ups: March 5th - March 26th
  • Assignments sent out: March 27th - March 31st
  • Stories due: May 15th

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